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Posted by member 85840 on 2003-11-23 11:16:03

I have been modifying the KDE 3.1 theme. I have managed to change the most of the things the way I want. But there are 3 things that I can manage on my own.

1. I canít find how to remove the bevel effect on the taskbar.

2. Would it be difficult to implement winamp controls next to the start menu?

3. I wanted to make a "quick menu". Something like the start menu, but with the quick launch shortcuts that was next to the start menu with windows explorer, and problably some shortcuts for my everyday web sites. But I canít figure out how to show folder content in the popup menu instead of a folder.

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1 - check the readme, there might be an option to do this automatically. otherwise, look in the module docs - if the theme uses taskbar3, the settings you are looking for are TaskbarFore (and TaskbarNormalFore, etc.) and askbarFore2 (and TaskbarNormalFore2, etc)... if you set them to the equivalent TaskbarBack settings, it should remove the bevel

2 - you would need to add shortcuts, and rearrange the other theme elements to make it fit in... it really depends on how the theme is structured how hard that will be. look through the $configdir$ for the part that defines the bar and try messing around with those setings. if its not already loaded in the theme, youll also have to add dynamp.dll or geekamp.dll to provide the winamp bangs.

3 - *Popup "&shortcuts" "!DynamicFolder:$LS_Shortcuts$"
where $LS_Shortcuts$ defines your shortcut folder

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I got the TaskbarForce to work :) I thought that it should be something like this TaskbarForce false thatís why I didnít get it to work. But it should be [color]. So I changed it to the background color :)

To the other question.
There was a winamp controller in a popup menu, but I want it next to the start button. And the dynamp.dll or geekamp.dll modules are not load. Is there any site with info on these modules?

To the thered question.
I used the *Popup "Applications" !PopupDynamicFolder:"My dir" And it gave me the same result as the code you gave me. It adds a folder to the popup menu. But if itís possible I would like the content of the chosen folder to be shown in the menu.

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1 - good(:

2 - shellfront or loose-screws will have the modules... but probably the easiest way would be to call
!NetInstallModule dynamp-0.50
!NetInstallModule geekamp-1.9.71

and read the docs that it puts in your $ModulesDir$docs directory.

dynamp works with both winamp 2 and winamp3, geekamp only works with winamp 2.

3 - well... if you just call !PopupDynamicFolder "$LS_Shortcuts$" by itself, you will get a popup with just the contents of that folder, although you cant have that integrated with other stuff that you would need to define with *Popup lines. if you really really want to have other stuff in there, look at scandir along with some heavy scripting... but its probably not worth it

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Thanks a lot :)